Final notice guys.

Okay. Coming up on November 14th of 2003, it’ll have been one year since the billing for EvilNET was taken over by our host,
Unfortunately, it hasn’t gone smoothly at all. In that timeframe, I’ve received exactly TWO payments from users of our services. And only ONE has actually switched over to a standard PurpleHat account.
Essentially, some of you have gotten a year of free hosting from us.
That’s ending quite soon though.
As of yesterday, every user on the server was notified by e-mail that they had exactly 30 days to either remove their content from the server, or to transition over to a paying PurpleHat account.
After that time, the user account will be deleted, along with the contents of the user’s directory.

I’m sorry to take such a hard-line stance with this. But it’s not fair (nor particularly affordable) for EviNET or PurpleHat to foot your bills for service.

Notice is served.

A few problems.

Okay. Two things here for edification.


I probably should have posted this to the main page before.

Currently EvilNET is outgrowing it’s main server’s capacity.

Most of this load is from the SQL daemon (which is handling lots of interactive content for various accounts).

While it’s nice that our server is able to provide dynamic content for people, it’s usually a Bad Thing <TM> when it comes at the cost of drowning out the ability of your web server to function.

So we’re collaborating with PurpleHat, our connectivity provider, to implement another system. The new box will act as a dedicated SQL server, taking the load off the main system.

In the mean time, we’ve lowered the connection limit on the SQL daemon to prevent it from gobbling up the server and spitting it out. The connection limit hasn’t been DRASTICALLY lowered. Just enough to keep things functional. However, this is going to result in some dropped connections for people using services connected to the SQL server (some message boards).

For the most part, people will merely have to refresh a page, or back up and go forward again. Annoying, but not a soul-sucking experience.

This will also result in a number of errors being generated by individual databases, essentially telling you that the database doesn’t like it when it’s connection limit has been reached.

Please be patient with us. The new server should be implemented in short order, and the connection limits will be removed.


An FYI, currently our IRC connection is a bit sharky. is experiencing connectivity issues of an unspecified nature. The service should resume, reliably, soon.

Short down time coming.

Hi guys. Just thought you should know, and just in case someone I missed in e-mail happens to check here.
EvilNET will be experiencing a short bit of down time on Friday, April 25th at approximately 8 P.M. Eastern Time.
We’re moving the server from the cabinet it’s currently in, to a dedicated cabinet a bit further down the row.
We should be down 15-20 minutes at the most.
If you have any questions about it, e-mail me.

Important Billing Changes

Account billing for is being transitioned to Purple Hat LLC.

This situation will simplify billing for you, the customer, Purple Hat, and EvilNET itself. Future reneweals of hosting
should be done though Purple Hat.

For those of you wishing to host on, please head over to and select the account type that best suits you.

For those currently hosting with EvilNET, please contact me before renewing your account, and I will get you the information you need to make the transition as painless as possible.

Charles Borner


RC5-64 Broken!

For the first time in over 4 years, my client is shut down for a reason other than a reboot or a system move.

As the link at the top of this post notes, approximately 2 months ago, a system in Tokyo turned in the winning key. But, due to a problem with the keysever, it wasn’t noted until almost a month later.

Congratulations to whoever the winning key submitter was.

For those who didn’t know, quite a few members of the various communities (primarily BattleTech-related) on EvilNET partook in this contest as part of Team BattleForce.

The contest ran for 1757 days before the proper key was found.

Personally, I was a key submitter for 1489 days of the contest. I turned in 1,801,316 blocks of keys.

Team Battleforce’s age is determined by the member of the team with the longest contributing history.

Team BattleForce’s members contributed keys for 1615 days. They contributed 3,699,385 blocks of keys. At it’s peak, we had 27 members, 24 of which finished with the team.

Among the ones whose names I can successfully match to e-mail addresses.

  • Charles Borner
  • L. Derek Evans
  • Michael Flynn
  • Theodore Penn
  • Clint Swereda
  • Rob Chverchko
  • Richard Knight
  • Nic Jansma
  • Thomas Hilton
  • Daniel Frost
  • Paul Sjardyn
  • Camille Klein
  • Josh Manka
  • Eric Fredriksen
  • John Borreson
  • Sam Crowell
  • Chris Geyer
  • Kenneth Horner
  • Tommy Noedtve
  • Allen Schezar

There were couple more people than are listed here. However, I am exceedingly bad with names, and cannot remember enough to match names with e-mail addresses as are listed for the team. If you’re one of these people, e-mail me and I’ll add you in.

Simply follow the LINK to the overall team stats page.

I’d like to thank all the members of Team BattleForce for their participation. It was a long, fairly, and at times, boring road. But hey, we had fun competing didn’t we?

My unvarnished two bits.