Okay been a while

Well, a little caffeine and a holiday (an actual, honest-to-god DAY OFF!) can do lots of productive things for you.

Had one of my older storage drives puff and let out its magic smoke today. NOT happy.

One of the things I’d lost were all my copies of the Photon soundtrack. Both my high bitrate MP3s and the original MP2 files they came from.

Unfortunately Rob Banz’s Photon site has been kaput for nigh-on a decade now… So no chance of getting copies again.

And while the Photon-QEI site has the soundtrack in a zipfile, the MP3s are damaged and skip badly.

Well, after a bit of grousing, I got fed up and dug back into a pile of 15 year old CDs. Lo and behold! What do I find on one of them? The original MP2 files!

Cue quick-rip session! (And good LORD is ripping to MP3 a LOT quicker than it was back then!)

So, here I have the zipped, high-bitrate MP3 files for you.
Photon Soundtrack (MP3 Format)

Also, as a bonus, I’ve zipped up the original Banz-made MP2 files if you want your own pristine sources.
Photon Soundtrack (MP2 Format)

Okay, be that as it may, it’s now 3 in the morning by me and it’s time for this Photon Warrior to hit the hay!
And yeah, it’s now been 30 years since the debut of Photon. And the light still shines!