Origins: The World Tour

Okay, let’s just say that I have Google Maps on a list now.  And it’s a list that smells really, REALLY bad.

First off, the ever-present WRONG direction in the second-to-last step to my first destination.

Then, on the way down to Columbus, they route me, in a 25 foot truck onto a TWO LANE ROAD!  That was CLOSED halfway down.

I’d rather have taken a longer way around and made up time time in speed, rather than going almost 40 miles at 35 mph.  The only way it could have been worse is if they had routed me through someone’s back yard…


Because of this, I got there with 45 minutes to spare before the closure of the docks.  Luckily we only had three pallets plus the booth.

No pictures yet.  We were too busy setting up the booth, and need to get back in early tomorrow to finishe the job.

My feet hurt from standing on the concrete, my right leg and butt hurt from 11+ hours of driving.  I’ll snap some shots tomorrow.  It’s time for me to go comatose now.