RC5-64 Broken!


For the first time in over 4 years, my Distributed.net client is shut down for a reason other than a reboot or a system move.

As the link at the top of this post notes, approximately 2 months ago, a system in Tokyo turned in the winning key. But, due to a problem with the keysever, it wasn’t noted until almost a month later.

Congratulations to whoever the winning key submitter was.

For those who didn’t know, quite a few members of the various communities (primarily BattleTech-related) on EvilNET partook in this contest as part of Team BattleForce.

The contest ran for 1757 days before the proper key was found.

Personally, I was a key submitter for 1489 days of the contest. I turned in 1,801,316 blocks of keys.

Team Battleforce’s age is determined by the member of the team with the longest contributing history.

Team BattleForce’s members contributed keys for 1615 days. They contributed 3,699,385 blocks of keys. At it’s peak, we had 27 members, 24 of which finished with the team.

Among the ones whose names I can successfully match to e-mail addresses.

  • Charles Borner
  • L. Derek Evans
  • Michael Flynn
  • Theodore Penn
  • Clint Swereda
  • Rob Chverchko
  • Richard Knight
  • Nic Jansma
  • Thomas Hilton
  • Daniel Frost
  • Paul Sjardyn
  • Camille Klein
  • Josh Manka
  • Eric Fredriksen
  • John Borreson
  • Sam Crowell
  • Chris Geyer
  • Kenneth Horner
  • Tommy Noedtve
  • Allen Schezar

There were couple more people than are listed here. However, I am exceedingly bad with names, and cannot remember enough to match names with e-mail addresses as are listed for the team. If you’re one of these people, e-mail me and I’ll add you in.

Simply follow the LINK to the overall team stats page.

I’d like to thank all the members of Team BattleForce for their participation. It was a long, fairly, and at times, boring road. But hey, we had fun competing didn’t we?