Origins: Days 2 and 3

Sorry for the combined update.

COMPLETE ass-end of Day 1, went and saw the Die Hard flick. Was okay, not great. Shoulda caught some shut-eye though.

As such, because of the screwy sleep schedule, I woke up with a blinding headache the next morning and spent a couple hours medicating myself back to abnormalcy.

Got to the booth at noon. A MUCH better day for me, MUCH less pain in my legs (or maybe all the pain receptors had died overnight), and I got a chance to see the con a bit during lulls in the dealer area. Lots of cool stuff, but seeing as I’m on “The Budget Of The Last Minute”, I bought nothing but extortionately priced food (having brought my own drink).

It was a lot busier at the con on Friday, we actually sold a bunch of stuff (YAY!).

After the dealer area closed, caught some food in the food court and headed up to Dave Stansel-Garner’s room so that he could get his Shadowrun cherry popped. Ran a quickie adventure, then headed back down to the Shadowrun area for the final minutes of that night’s games.

Then we stuck around for another two-ish hours and talked shop.

Nope. Sorry, can’t discuss it.

Anyhoo, again with the goofy hours, but this time I just woke up late, no pain.

Made it down to the hall with time to spare for the “What’s up with FanPro Catalyst” seminar.

You can read about it here.

Actually had nothing going on tonight. Think I may turn in early and thus, hopefully, be a wee be more spritely on the following morn…