Origins 2007 Update: Day 1

Okay guys. Long day. But surprisingly active. The CBT events today were just HUGE. They actually had to split one of their events in two (and each was still ridiculously large).

The Catalyst Game Labs (CGL) booth was fairly active all day too. Lots of interest in who the heck we are, and lots of interest in the upcoming CBT and Shadowrun items coming out within the next month.

Almost nothing but kudos over the boxed set (the “almost” is only because of one guy who owns every book in existence already NOT understanding that the “INTRODUCTORY” boxed set is NOT aimed at him). Anyhow, the Boxed Set is a $40 item and the way it’s produced, it’s worth every damn penny of that $40. And for those of you concerned with the minis, they’re SWEET!

As I’ve noted before now, Origins isn’t really a big “sell stuff” event for exhibitors. It’s big on games. And the lull periods in the exhibition hall give various companies and individuals time to move about and make lots of great contacts. The kind of stuff that GenCon is just too darn huge and hectic for most of the time.

Oh yes, and I have a few pictures up as well. Sorry if some of them are a bit blurry or washed out. In the rush to get packed, pick up product, and attend a convention I’d planned not to attend, I forgot my regular camera.

Luckily for me, my roomate had one he could loan me (pics forthcoming when I can get the appropriate media adapter), and a camera attachment for my laptop. The only problem with the PC cam is it doesn’t do high-light pics very well. But I do my best. And you’ll forgive me…won’t you?


Oh crap!

Anyhow, I’ve gotta lay down for a bit. I’ve been standing all day on thinly carpeted concrete. And my legs below the knees have reached the general consistency of pudding…