Final notice guys.

Okay. Coming up on November 14th of 2003, it’ll have been one year since the billing for EvilNET was taken over by our host,
Unfortunately, it hasn’t gone smoothly at all. In that timeframe, I’ve received exactly TWO payments from users of our services. And only ONE has actually switched over to a standard PurpleHat account.
Essentially, some of you have gotten a year of free hosting from us.
That’s ending quite soon though.
As of yesterday, every user on the server was notified by e-mail that they had exactly 30 days to either remove their content from the server, or to transition over to a paying PurpleHat account.
After that time, the user account will be deleted, along with the contents of the user’s directory.

I’m sorry to take such a hard-line stance with this. But it’s not fair (nor particularly affordable) for EviNET or PurpleHat to foot your bills for service.

Notice is served.