Day 0 at Origins.

Okay, I know I never announce this. But I’m going to Origins…or more to the point, I’m already here. CGL needed some stuff brought up and getting my fat butt to a con is orders of magnitude cheaper than trying an overnight trans-ship ending on a holiday.

It was insanely last minute, and I my employers MEGA favors for not only letting me come, but PAYING me while I’m away.

Yep. I have one of the coolest bosses ever…

Anyhoo, the Catalyst Game Labs booth is 99% together. The other percent will come together in the morning. My pictures are going to be spotty. I left my hand-held at home (c’mon, 50 gajillion things I gotta get done in 24 hours and all I left at home was my lousy camera?), but I DO have my PC cam. And it takes OK pics.

Kudos to RedRoof Inn for the $20 7-day pass for their T-Mobile hotspot. Boos and hisses to T-Mobile for not setting up the hotspot to allow hotel guests to just sign up for it without having the special cards (like a gift card) that the hotel happens to be out of (day 0 of a con, and it’s INEXPENSIVE wireless, unlike the butt-rape prices at GenCon?)

But, in the end, kudos to T-Mobile for putting up with me bitching about it then giving me two free days to tide me over until the hotel gets more cards.

Well, I need to shower. The humidity is outrageous right now. Then I’m taking my big butt to bed.

More tomorrow!