Busy busy busy!

Pardon the rambling. Just blowing off steam here.

We’re going on a full week since the rehost here. And things are starting to settle into normalcy again.

The IRC servers are reachable, we have a working frontpage that I can post to easily, and teh forums are back online.

Now I start running across weird stuff I didn’t have to deal with before. Like phpBB abusers. We didn’t have them before, because, frankly, we were on an ancient version of UBB. But, since we were (forcibly) starting fresh, and the host provides access to phpBB, I figured why not. Now we get weirdos coming into the forums just to get themselves linked or spaming for…well, you’ve probably received spam before. So you know what these idiots are advertising.

I mean, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

Sometimes I wonder about people.

Luckily, we had someone involved in the forums who was more with it (with regards to securing phpBB) than I was. He made a few good suggestions for preventative measures to keep the forums from being overrun by bots or idiot link-seekers. And I’ve begun putting this advice into effect.

But GOD I wish I didn’t need to.

Oh well…