A few problems.

Okay. Two things here for edification.


I probably should have posted this to the main page before.

Currently EvilNET is outgrowing it’s main server’s capacity.

Most of this load is from the SQL daemon (which is handling lots of interactive content for various accounts).

While it’s nice that our server is able to provide dynamic content for people, it’s usually a Bad Thing <TM> when it comes at the cost of drowning out the ability of your web server to function.

So we’re collaborating with PurpleHat, our connectivity provider, to implement another system. The new box will act as a dedicated SQL server, taking the load off the main system.

In the mean time, we’ve lowered the connection limit on the SQL daemon to prevent it from gobbling up the server and spitting it out. The connection limit hasn’t been DRASTICALLY lowered. Just enough to keep things functional. However, this is going to result in some dropped connections for people using services connected to the SQL server (some message boards).

For the most part, people will merely have to refresh a page, or back up and go forward again. Annoying, but not a soul-sucking experience.

This will also result in a number of errors being generated by individual databases, essentially telling you that the database doesn’t like it when it’s connection limit has been reached.

Please be patient with us. The new server should be implemented in short order, and the connection limits will be removed.


An FYI, currently our IRC connection is a bit sharky. IRCWorld.org is experiencing connectivity issues of an unspecified nature. The service should resume, reliably, soon.